More About Me


As a full-time residential broker serving the Greater Seattle/Tacoma area, I am here to assist with any real estate needs you might have. Whether it’s guiding you through the process of buying a home, helping you sell one, or providing resources for updating and/or maintaining the place you’re in now, I would love to act as your trusted advisor! I am confident in my ability to serve you due to my professional marketing and customer service experience, education in communication, knowledge of the transaction process and local market, and commitment to authentic relationships.

The foundation of my business is truly a people-first mentality. I have always been someone who naturally enjoys and prioritizes the cultivation of genuine connections. This is a big reason why my family and friends told me when I first started in real estate that it "just makes sense" and is a great fit. I know that buying and/or selling a home is often a very personal, emotional experience. I am here to come alongside you and understand your vision, put your needs first, facilitate a smooth transaction, and help you achieve your goals. Since we all have different learning and communication styles, work schedules, priorities, etc. - every client and their situation is unique. I am committed to tailoring my process to whatever works best for you!


-  Spend a lot of time listening to you and ask lots of questions.

-  Always be transparent and truthful.

-  Provide clarity and education whenever needed.

-  Give guidance and strategic advice each step of the way.

-  Go to bat for you and negotiate terms that you feel good about.

-  Do my best to make the experience fun and memorable!


In addition to real estate, there are lots of other things I am passionate about! Back in 2017 I started a lifestyle blog and social media pages, where I share all things life + style, home, Seattle, and more. Additionally, living an active life is super important to me. Activities like weight lifting, running, and hiking make me happy! I also love exploring the great spots Seattle has to offer (local restaurants, shops, parks, etc.) and sharing them with others through Instagram guides and TikTok videos. Lastly, I’m lucky enough to have lots of family and friends in the Seattle area, so I do my best to spend time with them whenever possible.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. Even if your real estate plans are a few years out and/or you aren’t based in the Seattle-area, it would be my pleasure to help in any way I can! Be sure to check out my social media profiles where I share real estate tips and information, local and national market updates, my favorite places in Seattle, fun home content (think décor inspiration and recipes!), and more.